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  • explosive lifts for basketball players
  • 9 Essential Lifts For Superior Athletic Performance by Andrea Hudy Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    9 Explosive Lifts for Basketball Players

    By means of these training exercises, you can train your basketball players to increase their acceleration even from a neutral stance. You will also be able to use explosive lifts for basketball players exercises to train different planes of motion. Using plyometric exercises, you can create mental toughness in your basketball players as well as ensure total body workout. These 9 essential lifts will challenge even an advanced athlete and will help develop novice athletes to become more athletic. This way, your basketball players or athletes will be able to compete at the highest level with superior athletic performances.

    The 9 essential explosive lifts for basketball players come with over 150 different variations and they can be used to train not only basketball players but athletes in all kinds of sports. These 9 essential lofts are deadlift, squat, snatch, jerk, cleans, explosive movements, upper body push, lunge, and upper body pull. Start training your basketball players or athlete with these essential lifts in a progression starting with the explosive movements and show your players how each lift helps to improve their overall performance in the different sports. You should also learn to spend as much time as possible with your athletes or basketball players to ensure their safety while carrying out this exercise.

    Explosive Lifts for Basketball Players in the Weight Room

    By teaching your athletes or basketball players the complexities of each progression, you will be able to show them variations of each lift that will address each of their specific needs. This way, your basketball players or athletes will be able to try out different variations of each lift to improve specific needs. There are other essential lifts such as:

    • A variety of deadlifts, squats, and lunge exercises to develop your athletes lower body. This is important because the lower body is one of the most used muscle group for athletic performance. Hence these lifts help to develop them properly so your athletes and players can be on the top of their game.
    • A variety of lifts such as the snatch, jerk, and clean exercises which are great power exercises that build the muscles throughout the body of your athletes or basketball players.
    • A variety of upper body push and pull lifts which develop the upper body (especially the arms and the back) of your basketball players or athletes. One of the most widespread upper body movements in sports is the push movements. They help to develop the upper body of athletes and basketball players.

    Teach your players the importance of grip when doing the weight exercises. They should know when to use the wide grip or the narrow grip. They should also be taught how to apply pressure on their feet to get the proper posture. The lift exercises focus on the core strength and stability of your players and athletes. Your players will advance to each lift depending on their performance in the weight room. This way, your weight room will be enhanced by providing stability, safety, and structure. Train your players to reach their peak when it comes to athletic performance. Rent this explosive lifts for basketball players DVD today.

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