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Shot Tracker Basketball


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Product Description

How Does ShotTracker Work?

There are three components: a wrist sensor, a net sensor, and the ShotTracker App. When you shoot, the ShotTracker wrist sensor sends a signal to the app that a shot has been attempted. The net sensor sends a signal to the app whether the shot was made or missed. All signals are sent to your mobile device and the ShotTracker app to keep track of your shooting statistics.



Messages are
Sent to App



Messages are
Sent to App



Statistics Stored


Shot Attempt
Shot Make or
Miss Registered
Instant Results


This is What You Get:


ShotTracker Net Sensor


ShotTracker Net Sensor

The weather-proof net sensor easily attaches to any net and automatically tracks your shot makes and misses. Its designed and built to withstand all your shots.


- Easy to install
- Water-resistant
- Rechargeable Lithium-Polymer Battery
- Auto sleep with shoot-to-wake
- Battery life: 3 months
- ARM Cortex M0 Bluetooth Radio
- Patent Pending Algorithms


SIZE (WIDTH-HEIGHT-DEPTH): 2.171 X 2.666 X 1.021 (INCHES)


shot tracker net senor in net



ShotTracker Wrist Sensor 


ShotTracker Sleeve with Sensor

Lightweight and imperceptible. The wrist sensor monitors your shooting motion and tracks shot attempts. Designed to slide easily into your wrist band or sleeve and be invisible to you and your shot.


- Feather-light & water resistant
- 6-axis Motion Processor
- Rechargeable Lithium-Polymer Battery
- Battery life: 8 hours of continuous use
- ARM Cortex M4 Microcontroller
- Patent Pending Algorithms


SIZE: (WIDTH-HEIGHT-DEPTH): 1.090 X 2.180 X .260 (INCHES)



Shot Tracker Wrist Sensor



 ShotTracker Wristband or Shooting Sleeve


ShotTracker Basketball Review

You can wear the ShotTracker sensor in the shooting sleeve or in the wrist band. Each as a slot to slide the sensor into. You can wear the shooting sleeve during practice or pickup games to record your shots. Since it is so lightweight you won't even notice it nor will anyone else notice that you have it in your shooting sleeve.


- Invisible to your shot
- Flat seam construction
- Wrist band keeps sweat away from those mad handles
- Sleeve keeps shooting arm warm

ShotTracker Wristband


ShotTracker Charging Unit


Charge the wrist sensor and net sensor at the same time.


- USB powered
- Magnetic auto-align charging
- Charge sensors separately or simultaneously






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