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  • The P.R.O. Bands are great resistance basketball training bands that are good for getting quicker, faster, & stronger.
  • Loop 2 bands together to make it easier when training with a partner.
  • Take 4 bands and tie them together to create an X Vest.  This distributes the resistance across the upper body while still allowing full movement.
  • Use the resistance bands to improve your vertical jump.
  • You can do many lower body weight lifting exercises with the bands.  This is the Front Squat.
  • Thrusters are a great exercise for basketball players as you start in a front squat position and press overhead.  This exercise works all the muscles used in jumping and your jump shot.
  • Squats are easily done with the P.R.O. Bands as well.  Lighter bands can be used to build endurance and heavier bands more so for strength.
  • Build your upper body right on the court.  Here pushups are being done with resistance bands to help build upper body strength faster.

P.R.O. Bands (Progressive Resistance Overload)


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Product Description

The HoopsKing P.R.O. Bands (Progressive Resistance Overload) are 100% Natural Latex basketball resistance training bands that can help you or your players in the following ways:


  • Explosiveness by adding resistance to basketball movements such as dribbling, jumping, defensive slides,speed training, & more!
  • Building Strength by using the bands to building upper and lower body strength.  There are many strength building exercises that can be done right on the court.
  • Flexibility can be increased with Pre and Post practice stretching 

By adding resistance to functional basketball movements you challenge your players to go to the hoop stronger, dribble the ball down the court faster, slide on defense quicker, jump higher for rebounds, and build strength to be a tougher player and be highly conditioned. 

Explosiveness Training

small-txt.jpgIf you are going to put bands around the waist of a player for explosiveness training, then the resistance listed with each band really doesn't matter as much.  The resistance will actually not only come from the band but the person holding the band (if done with a partner) so you want to pick a band based more on the size of your players.  The stronger the player the stronger the band you need.  You want to look at the size of the band and match it up with the size of your players. See below for sizing guidelines for each band.  If you have youth players then the small to medium bands will be enough.  If you have high school boys, college, or pro athletes, then the Large and X-Large will work better for you.  For example, you wouldn't want the small band on a college male because he would be able to stretch the band too much and wouldn't get much if any resistance.  It works the other way for the larger bands.  So just match up the size of your players with the appropriate band.  Do you have small, medium, large, or extra large athletes?  See below for more detailed sizing guidelines.

Want to move up the resistance level? You can take 3 (minimum) or 4 bands to create a X Vest out of bands.  Look for our video below on how to tie the bands together to make it.  Creating an X-Vest is a way to create even more resistance because now you have 2 bands across your body whereas putting two bands around your waist can be done, but one may slip down and it would be troublesome to double tie two bands to use with a partner, so the vest makes using two bands for greater resistance easier.

Explosiveness Training drills with resistance bands vary from dribbling up and down the court, defensive slides, vertical jump training, rebounding drills, and more.  Your players are doing functional basketball movements with resistance.  This will increase their strength, speed, quickness, and conditioning in these functional basketball movements.

Explosiveness Training Solo

small-txt-2.jpgYou always see someone holding the band in this training mode so you have to have a partner right? Nope, Explosiveness training with the P.R.O. bands can be done by yourself.  Just tie two bands together and securing to a secure pole or whatever you have that is secure enough.  This is a great way to get the benefits of the bands without having to have a partner.  You can work on being explosive with the basketball so you can blow by defenders.  It is also an incredible conditioner if you go hard!


Strength Training


Ok, so Explosiveness Training with the bands is cool.  We've seen LeBron do it in commercials, we've seen Under Armour commerical with Kemba Walker, and others.  The bands are great for that but they are also great at building strength. Using the bands to build strength has the following advantages:

  • Can be done right on the court without the need for a weight room or a bunch of equipment
  • Linear Variable Resistance training means that as the range of the movement increase the resistance increases.  This is not true of weights.
  • You can feel a greater and deeper burn in your muscles with resistance bands than you can with weights.
  • You can't cheat with momentum when using bands like you can with weights.
  • Resistance bands aren't hard on the joints like free weights can be.  Bands are perfect for in-season strength training so you don't wear down already tired athletes.

In as little as 10 minutes or less, you can get in strength training with the P.R.O. bands right on the court.  Easy to store and easy to bring out to the court.  Resistance bands are also much less expensive than free weights. You can outfit your entire team with several or more bands for what you would pay for a handful of dumbbells.

The P.R.O. Bands can also be added to traditional weigth lifting to experience Linear Variable Resisitance training.  See our videos below to see all the ways to use the bands with traditional weights and become even more explosive and blast through plateaus.


The P.R.O. bands are versatile.  Use them for Pre and Post Practice stretching.  The bands can help your athletes get a deeper yet still safe stretch than without the bands.  As you can see the bands can be used at the beginning, middle, and end of practice.  A truly versatile tool any coach should add to his basketball training equipment.

Let's explore the uses of the various sized bands and what each can do for you.

AAU Players

If you play year around basketball then you probably don't get into the weight room a lot or enough.  Using the P.R.O. bands on the road or even at home, is a great way to continue to build strength and stamina. Resistance bands aren't as hard on the joints as weigths which is important if you are playing all the time.  The less wear and tear the better. 


Black Band - Small

Size: 41" Length x 3/4" width (10-30 lbs. resistance)

Recommended for:  Elementary to Junior High 

The small P.R.O. Bands are best for younger players but even high school students can use the small band for some of the upper body strength training exercises such as Thrusters and Push Ups.


Purple Band - Medium

Size: 41" Length x 1 1/4" width (30-50 lbs. resistance)

Recommended for: Junior High to High School, & College female

The medium P.R.O. Bands are best for Junior High and up.  They offer enough resistance for just about anything you can use them for.  Upper Body exercises incorporating the shoulders and chest would likely be good resistance for many college male players.


Green Band - Large

Size: 41" Length x 1 3/4" width (65-85 lbs. resistance)

Recommended for: High School & Up

The Large P.R.O. Bands are best for Explosiveness training with older athletes as they will not be able to stretch the band too far. Use the green bands for building leg strength by doing squats and more with stronger high school and up athletes.  Doing upper body exercises with the large band will require a strong athlete if you are going to incorporate an exercise like Thrusters.


Blue Band - X-Large

Size: 41" Length x 1 3/4" width (100-150 lbs. resistance)

Recommended for: College & Up

The X-Large P.R.O. Bands are best for Explosiveness training with big, strong athletes as they will not be able to stretch the band too far. Use the X-Large bands for building leg strength by doing squats and more with stronger College & Pro players.  Doing upper body exercises with the large band will require a very strong athlete if you are going to incorporate an exercise like Thrusters and others. 

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