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  • HoopsKing Basketball Footwork Training Steps  are great for footwork drills,  workouts, teaching youth players.
  • basketball footwork and agility drills
  • how to work on footwork for basketball
  • how to improve footwork in basketball and dancing.
  • basketball footwork exercises

HoopsKing Footwork Training Steps

RRP: $29.99 (You save $5.00)

  • LEARN FOOTWORK QUICKER - Players can see exactly where to step and the angle at which they should step.
  • POST PLAYER FOOTWORK DRILLS - Make sure posts step towards the basket on a drop step instead of to the baseline.
  • GUARD FOOTWORK DRILLS - Teach players to beat defenders off the dribble.
  • TEACH FOOTWORK FOR ANYTHING - Use Hoop Steps for Volleyball, Tennis, Dancing or whatever you want!
  • 4 HoopsKing Steps Included

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Product Description

HoopsKing Steps are rubber cut outs that allow basketball coaches and trainers to show players the exact foot placement and the distance to step to make teaching footwork quicker than ever!

Give your players a visual reference when teaching footwork on the court. If players can actually see where they should step, this reduces the time it will take a player to learn to do something correctly. Hoop Steps are great for teaching proper footwork in:

  • Shooting
  • Attacking the basket
  • Posting Up
  • Defending
  • Ball Handling

You can mark exact angles player should take and the distance taken between steps.  Hoop Steps will give your team an advantage because they will reduce the amount of time it requires to teach your players to move the correct way and you can take that saved time and learn even more.  As coaches, we never have enough time to work with our players and if we can teach them quicker - the better for you and your team.  You can even have players take the HoopsKing Steps home to work on moves you want them to do or have them buy their own!

The HoopsKing Footwork Steps can be used for anything requiring improved footwork.  Use them to improve at dancing, tennis, volleyball, wherever on the court you need to improve your footwork.  You can even use them indoors for baseball or softball training.

HoopsKing Steps 4 Pack

You will receive 4 steps - 2 Right, 2 Left with the numbers 1,2,3,4.


Each Step is 12" X 5"

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