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Ganon Baker's Basketball School: Ball Handling

RRP: $39.99 (You save $15.00)

  • Makes It Easy To Protect The Basketball Vs. Tough Defensive Pressure
  • Gives You The Confidence To Face The Best Defenders
  • STOP Worrying About Getting Yanked Out Of Games For Turnovers
  • Discover How To Train At A Pro Level
  • Escape From The Anxiety Of Tough Pressure Defense
  • Gets You More Playing Time
  • With drills for the Preps and Pros, this DVD will last your entire playing career.

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Product Description

Ganon Baker's Basketball School Ball Handling video features drills for the Preps and the Pros. This is one video you will use your entire career with all the challenges Ganon has in store for you. You'll develop quicker and stronger hands. You'll learn to get low and develop core strength that will make you solid when you have the ball in your hands. Players melting against pressure is a big problem but if you do the drills on this video you will not melt in pressure but be ready to attack it and take advantage of it.

The video is divided up into two sections: Preps and Pros. The Prep drills would typically be JV High School and down while the Pro drills would be for High School Varsity and above. Ganon demonstrates all of the drills at the highest level possible. You’ll see how hard you should be practicing your ball handling drills and what is possible if you work at it.

This video is a must for any player at any level who wants to build a solid foundation of being able to dribble, pass, and attack defenders.


Ganon Baker's Ball Handling is for every parent that is frustrated watching their child during basketball games struggle when the ball is in their hands. Whether it's throwing the ball away, getting tied up all the time, turning their back to their teammates because they are afraid of defensive pressure, you just want your child to be successful when the ball is in their hands.

Here's a huge problem your child faces right now. It's being strong with the basketball. But that's not the end of your child's problems with taking care of the basketball in games. What makes this even worse is the fact that without quick, strong hands your child will continue to lose the ball! Which means they won't get the playing time you know they deserve and they won't have the success they should. And, worst of all, your child may become so frustrated that they want to quit playing basketball altogether.

All this can make trying to be hold onto the basketball vs defenders a nightmare! But luckily for you, there's now a solution! So, if you're a parent of young basketball player who really wants to stop turning over the basketball and have success in games, "Ganon Baker's Ball Handling" is the answer you've been looking for. Order now and help your child develop quick, strong hands which will also lead to increased confidence on the court.

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