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How to Shoot Like Steph Curry 3 Pointers & More

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How does Steph Curry shoot like that?  Here is a breakdown of his shot and some tips you can use to shoot the basketball like Steph Curry.

Stephen Curry Shooting Tips

Steph Curry will use a 1-2 step vs a hop step.  This allows him to quickly step into his shot off the dribble.  If the defender was playing closer to him, he could keep his dribble and blow by them.

Stephen Curry shooting range drills

We all know he has unlimited range.  This makes him impossible to guard because the further out on the court you guard him the more chance he will be able to dribble by you. Work on developing good form at close range before you get into Curry territory.

How to shoot like Stephen Curry technique

  Steph in this picture also have a straight extended arm with his wrist "broken".  

Stephen Curry Shooting form

How do you get the right arc on the basketball? A good rule of thumb is to have your elbow at eyebrow level (Top arrow).  The smaller arrow represents his eyes on his target and he can see the basket between his arms.

Here is the full video of Steph Curry Shooting Secrets.

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