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  • HoopsKing Shooting Strap help prevents the wrist turning and thumbing the basketball when shooting.
  • Image 2
  • Thumbing the basketball.
  • Correct position for balance hand when shooting the basketball.
  • Prevent the off-hand from interfering in your shot in basketball.

Perfect Jump Shot Strap


  • Stop thumbing the basketball with the off hand
  • Develop perfect rotation on your shot.
  • Develop a true one-handed release.
  • Instant improvement!

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Product Description



A universal problem for EVERY player is using the non-dominant hand (guide-hand) - usually the thumb - to help provide force for the shot. The problem is most evident during long distance shots.This habit is the #1 cause of left/right misses. To make matters worse, it often goes undetected because the movement happens so fast.See Photo #1 below.



The PERFECT JUMP SHOT SHOOTING STRAP stops ALL thumbing and ALL interference by the "guide-hand" quickly and easily in two weeks or less. It's patented design forces the athlete to shoot a one-hand shot. See photo #2 below.



To develop proper form, simply shoot 30 minutes a day for two weeks and your form improves AUTOMATICALLY - like magic! It is so effective for improving accuracy and form, even the Pros are using it.


How It Works:The PERFECT JUMP SHOT SHOOTING STRAP attaches to the non-shooting arm and hand and prevents it from delivering force for the shot. When this happens, the shooting arm and hand IMMEDIATELY begin to improve technique - almost like magic. The non-shooting arm/hand is automatically re-trained to do its job - help catch and stabilize the ball during the shot.


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